The ALICE detector (Image: © CERN)

About Florian von Bock

Systems Architect & Engineer

Trilingual Senior Engineer and Systems Architect with over 20 years of technology experience in multinational organizations as well as startups. Open Source enthusiast and contributor.


I am 42, enjoy tinkering with electronics and software, scuba diving, analog or digital games, and time with my family.

As an engineer i enjoy finding, proving, and iterating on creative solutions for complex problems.

Currently I work for GC Turbo Japan as the Lead Systems Engineer.

I work on backend services, data piplines, instrumentation, and chatbots for messenger games with millions of daily users. Currently my work is focussed on our latest title "Pokémon Medallion Battle".

The programming languages I currently use the most are Golang, Python, and Typescript.

A couple of open source libraries I have published:


Since 2006 I live in Japan. After spending a year at language school I have worked freelance several years for local and international clients before joining Japanese startup gengo, software vendor thePlant, and messenger gaming companies Game Closure and GC Turbo.

My client work has been focused around architecting backend systems, data processing piplines, multi lingual search, product recommendations, and automated merchandising for clients like ASICS, or Lacoste.


A lot of my time in Europe i spent as full stack developer at and with various media agencies, and digital music distribution services.

I co-founded flewid media when I was 20 years old. We operated the largest youth community (remember when social was called like that) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and worked as a digital media agency.

At 19 I started working for digital media agency spray interactive - later razorfish.

I was born, went to High school, and did a year civilian service in Germany.